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KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival · QUEER NAZARIYA · queer sarajevo festival 2008


international LGBTI film festival, Mumbai
in collaboration with Majlis
25-28 March 2010

Dear fellow queers, feminists, filmwalas, friends!
We are very happy to announce Queer Nazariya, an international queer film festival on gender and sexuality.
As you all know, on 2 July 2009 the LGTBI communities in India celebrated the Delhi High Court ruling which read down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, decriminalising consensual sexual acts between adults of the same sex. It was sweet victory after decades of struggle. This milestone judgement opens the doors towards social and cultural acceptance and holds out the promise of a new era of freedom for marginalised sexualities and genders in India. With the judgement being challenged in the Supreme Court by a handful of people, and the unprecedented media attention being given to queer issues, we felt this was the perfect time to have a festival of queer films in Bombay.

We want Queer
Nazariya to enablethecoming together of LGBTI individuals in a safe and affirmative space.Very few of us in India, queer or straight, get any exposure at all to non-heteronormative narratives or representations. Films from different countries will help us understand specific political and cultural realities; at the same time they will serve to affirm what is universal across geographical boundaries.

We also want to reach out to a more general audience, in order to address the prejudices and stereotypes that continue to linger in many people’s minds: homosexuality is dismissed as a western import; gay and lesbian people are hypersexualised, or seen as sexual predators; our sexual preferences or varied gender identities are seen as illness or, worse, perversion. And so we plan, along with the screenings, to have discussions around a few key issues, and also showcase some queer art and memorabilia.

The festival’s focus will be onindependent filmmaking, both documentary and short fiction, on works that operateoutside the compulsions of the mainstream.

Queer Nazariyais being done in collaboration with Majlis, the well-known centre for multi-disciplinary art initiatives. We’re absolutely relying on ALL OF YOU to make the festival a success, so mark these dates nowin your calendars, diaries and year planners, and save them in your minds! You must be there with us, to watch films and discuss stuff, to sing and dance and party – because celebrationsare, of course, part of the deal.

We’re also going to need volunteers in the days before and during the festival, so all offers are very welcome – give us a day, two days, an afternoon, whatever you can of those invaluable commodities called Time and Support.

with warm wishes for the new year, Sophie Parisse and Smriti Nevatia Curators,Queer Nazariya 2010

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