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Organization Q

Organization Q for promotion and protection of culture, identities, and human rights of queer persons

“Our first initiative for working on the issues of human rights of LGBTIQ persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in September 2002. During this period, this initiative was operating under the name ‘’Bosnia 14th of September’’, an organization which was already registered in BiH. This initiative was started by two individuals, but at the end of 2002 and the beginning of 2003, few more persons joined the initiative, and more substantive steps were made in creation of the web-page as the first educational and informational portal about queer issues and human rights of the LGBTIQ persons in BiH.

In February 2004, Organization Q was registered as the first LGBTIQ organization in BiH. At the same time, Bosnia and Herzegovina was the last republic in the ex-Yugoslavia to have a registered LGBTIQ organization.”

Organization Q


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